What You Would Find "Outside the Box"?

Often we hear someone saying that we should think outside the box or see from such position, but what you would actually see out there? And have you ever heard someone telling you how to think outside the box? These are the question I wanted to provide some answers.

I bet most of us have noticed how the best ideas are not usually coming out of some analytical process. Instead ideas can pop up inside our mind spontaneously at any time, often when we're least expecting them. What if you could increase this spontaneous function within yourself?

My background is sort of mix of artist and nerd. I'm someone who has spent my of my life with computers working on all kinds of creative and logical, such as music, graphics and programming. After studying patterns of nature, and creativity in general, I was struck by an insight about imagination.

From that insight I have developed a method I like to call Logical Creativity. My interests towards controlling my mind and emotions, mindfulness etc. was followed by another insight, which allowed me to add another part for the method. I call is Mystical Creativity.

So I'm here to suggest that everyone of us has same capacity for creativity and that creative thinking can be easy or even fun, something anyone can enjoy.